TOPOS DESIGN成立于2015年,第一年即是破旧立新。




TOPOS DESIGN was established in 2015 with the renewal in the first year.

Our first practical project was a public art installation named "Underground Magic Forest" at Hanzhong Road Subway Station. Despite our founding team almost consisted of architects, the cross-border cooperation with ToMASTER Art Platform opened up the boundaries of our design. In the first five years of practice, we no longer confined ourselves to the scale or type of design. Instead, we began to care more about the concreteness of life, not the fiction of concepts. We were no longer obsessed with excessive design, but try to participate in the transformation of urban space with more elegant and appropriate design.

In this free and equal era, any different groups are entitled to have their own lifestyle. Moreover, this is also an era of commercial art and art commercialization. We must actively participate in the metabolism and accept new species of urban space. There are opportunities and challenges between skyscrapers and villages for young architects. How to gracefully intervene in the urban fabric and become one of the city collective memories will be the next topic that we will spend another five years to study and practice.

We believe that there is only one reality world, and design can provide endless imagination.